We are a bunch of Creative and Talented website designers

We Listen... As soon as a new or existing client contacts us we make it our focus. We plan to get your website right from listening to your needs and guiding you with creative and technical ideas. We will make suggestions to bring your business to the internet. We've built hundreds of websites over the last decade we've been in business, so we know what questions we need to ask you to make sure your website reflects your business.

Who We Are

Melbourne Online has been building websites for happy clients for over a decade and in that time we've built websites for insurance companies, florists, tourism companies, food manufacturers, lawyers, home builders, personal trainers, toy stores, graphic designer companies, glass manufacturers, financial planners, resorts, roof installation companies, furniture suppliers, communications companies and so many more. For each job we take your business and personalise it for your web presence. Recently we've started developing all our websites with mobile devices in mind, meaning your new website will look great on a desktop computer as well as a phone. We have a combination of trained and self trained professionals ready to help with your next website project.

Database Management

Solutions developed include:

  • An online SQL Server based order management solution. The solution allows customers to upload design parameters for large construction components. The customers can then track the process from build to completion. The system includes full online reporting and charting.
  • MS Access based building tracker created for a large builders group. The application allowed a large Melbourne based builder group to full manage the building process of new homes from land purchase, to permit application right through to final lock up
  • Online SQL Server based Insurance Claims management system tailored specifically for the Baptist Church
  • Online training providing Diabetes education to nursing staff within the Eastern Health hospital group. The solution allows nursing staff to learn at their own pace working through 3 modules of information with a selection of multiple choice questions at the end of each module.
  • Online training providing product specific for Abbott Pharmaceuticals education to nursing staff throughout Australian. The solution provides comprehensive education material in video, text and image on the usage of a medical apparatus. Included within the solution is several multiple choice tests which must be passed in order to complete the training.
  • SQL Server based online Home Loan comparison tool which automatically downloads current home loan data each night then based on a pre-defined criteria provides a selection of top home loans for several loan types

Our Skills