• Rebuild your site for improved SEO

    If your web site is getting a little long in the tooth (that’s 4 or more years in web site terms) then updating to a new design built within a modern web development tool will provide a significant jump in your site’s search engine ranking.

    At MelbourneOnline we build the majority of our new sites in Drupal and WordPress.  Both of these tools incorporate modern coding techniques and good site design from the ground up which translates to better rankings for your site.

    Think of it as a bit like the foundations of a new house.  When laying down the foundation, provision is made for heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, phone cables, internet cables, home theatre cabling etc.  Allowing for these requirements within the foundation ensures that all services perform at an optimum level.  The end result - a house optimised with all modern conveniences.

    The same applies with updating to your site to one built with a modern tool such as Drupal and WordPress.  Built within the foundations of your new site are concepts such as:

    • Responsive design – ensuring your site looks great and works well on all devices from your smart phone to your large desktop monitor (very important for Google since the April 2015 update)
    • Allows for use of keywords within the addresses of your pages
      (eg our page http://melbourneonline.com.au/Melbourne-Online-Hosted-Exchange-Mail includes relevant keywords for Exchange email directly within the address)
    • Easy image tagging with keywords
    • Use of text labels making it simple to enforce important keywords with heading tags etc
    • In built blogging tools making it easy to post regular content to your site
    • Social network links such as “Like” on Facebook, “Pin” on Pinterest
    • Behind the scenes coding already optimised for search engines

    On top of this you also gain other benefits such as the ability to self-manage content your own site.

    A recent success story:
    Gembrook Cottages was one of our original clients with their previous website built back in 2001.  We’re proud to say they loved the original site so much they kept it in play for 14 years with a few minor updates along the way.  In July 2015, we built the new www.GembrookCottages.com.au site in WordPress and now a few months down the track we’re delighted to see a substantial increase in traffic to the site.  

    • 395 visits in July 2014 comparted to 862 in July 2015 
    • 313 visits in August 2014 compared to 1,428 in August 2015
    • 226 visits in September 2014 compared to 1,130 in September 2015

    And there’s more benefits on the way for Gembrook Cottages.  With the new site, our client is empowered to self-manage content and write regular news articles about their beautiful garden cottages in the Dandenong Ranges.  Each article will then be shared through social networking sites to gain further traffic and momentum.    We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing their traffic numbers grow in coming months.


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